Our philosophy

The Center for Freedom and Justice focuses on rural Palestinian community development both because of the unique impact of the Israeli occupation in Area C and because these villages are often under-served by nonprofit organizations and the Palestinian Authority. While rural communities are the first to feel the effects of settlement expansion, settler violence, movement and export restrictions, and the construction of the Israeli separation barrier, most non-profit and PA assistance programs are concentrated in urban areas. Many of these programs are highly ineffective due to their top-down structure and lack of grassroots leadership. The Center for Freedom and Justice offers a new model of development, one that is led and run by Palestinians working in their own communities.

We work on establishing grassroots relationships with local, national and international partners. We work in association with Jordan Valley Solidarity campaign – another community-led organization that operates in Area C of the West Bank.

We are committed to equal rights for all and are strongly opposed to the discrimination and persecution of any group or person in any form.

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