Strategic non-violence

The Strategic Nonviolence program emphasizes the history of unarmed rebellion in Palestine and around the world, and focuses particularly on developing activists capable of movement-building and strategic planning. The Center for Freedom and Justice organizes non-violence training and strategy sessions as one aspect of a year-round, multi-faceted training program for youth and adults from the Hebron and South Betlehem Districts. The program is designed to introduce strategies of non-violent direct action, and to provide a space for community members to develop their own programs of non-violent resistance.

The objectives of the non-violence program are:

  • To increase the knowledge of practical applications of non-violent strategies in Palestinian communities.
  • To provide a space for community organizers to plan strategic non-violent resistance to the occupation.
  • To create stronger networks between communities in the Hebron and Betlehem Districts to coordinate non-violent resistance.

The Strategic Nonviolence Program also offers trainings in English language, report-writing, computer skills and documentation (video, audio, and photographic), all geared towards the final goal of creating self-sufficient communities able to address violations of their human and political rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.