We are currently looking for volunteers with specific skills.

Filmmaking: We would love to have someone with the skills to help us make a film about the Center and our projects, in relation to life in the village. You will have your own camera/video-camera as we don’t have any equipment. You will have access to the software you need to edit the film. If you are a student studying film this may be a good opportunity for your portfolio – you don’t have to be a professional, just someone with knowledge and enthusiasm!

Fundraising: We are looking for one or two volunteers who can help our director in the office with researching new funding streams, including locating and applying for grants. This role may involve calling or meeting with prospective funders, emailing and editing grant proposals. Fundraising is especially important at this time of year as we seek funding for our projects in 2016. Experience in fundraising is a plus but not essential. Patience, motivation and a professional-level grasp of English is more important!

Writing & editing English/French: Editing and proofreading are invaluable when communicating with our mostly English-speaking supporter network. The role would include writing short articles/reports for our website and for social media. You don’t have to be a native English speaker as long as you have a professional-level grasp of the language, and enjoy writing! We are also looking for someone to translate between written and some spoken English/French to help us communicate with our French-speaking funders and supporters.

While we would love to be in the position to offer free board to our volunteers, we are a small organization with very limited funds. Therefore we ask for a small contribution from volunteers for accommodation and a great experience in our friendly village. Food is generally not provided. Please contact us for more information.

The Center for Freedom and Justice works in partnership with a number of organizations to provide international volunteers for our work. One such organization is the Palestine Solidarity Project (PSP). 

If you wish to take on a more active role in solidarity with Palestinians, please see PSP’s own volunteer opportunities for more information.

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