Women’s Cooperative

The Women’s Cooperative has developed a number of micro-economic development programs, including a Honey Bee Project and Embroidery Project.  We are currently developing a project for a Women’s Market, in cooperation with two other women’s organizations in the Beit Ommar area, with marketing support from a Palestinian organization and international donor support.  Watch our “Recent Posts” section for updates!

Below are details from our Honey Project.  It was run successfully for one year but was totally destroyed by the massive winter storm that hit Palestine in early 2014.

If you are interested in helping us re-launch our Honey Project, please contact us at: center4freedom@gmail.com

Why Honey?

  • Honey farming takes up less space than traditional agriculture, and can be transported if necessary. This makes it far less likely to fall victim to land annexation and settlement expansion.
  • Due to the large number of bees involved in honey production, honeybee colonies are an unappealing target for settler violence, and women enjoy a degree of protection while working in the colonies.
  • Israeli customs officials frequently hold Palestinian exports for weeks on end, and perishable agricultural products often spoil before reaching external markets. As a less perishable product, honey can withstand extensive export inspections, allowing it to reach a much wider market than perishable products. The Center for Freedom and Justice will work with the cooperative to market its products globally, and will ensure that the cooperative receives the best possible prices.


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